Customized standard

This could be a solution if we have a standard product that almost fit. The cost for changing colour, material or to change a part in the moulding tool is distributed on the number of articles ordered, so the production quantity have great influence on the price.

Change of Colour. Select your colour. RAL, NCS or by colour sample.

Change of shape. A moulding tool is often built-up by many smaller parts. To change one part in the tool could be a cost-effective way to get a unique shaped product. On screws the length usually can be altered.

Change of material. If you want qualities like special softness, transparency, wood-feeling, marbled surface etc another plastic material could be the solution. Regarding steel, another steel quality is usually not a problem.

Patterns and logos. We can offer advanced printing on complex details. They can by that get gold, walnut, birch etc surfaces. We can also put your logo on or in to the surface of most of our products.

Pre-assembled. Do you want to exclude one or several steps of assembling we can help with assembling your products before delivery.

Special package.  Do you have special demands regarding packaging such as number, box, plastic pallets etc we will solve that too.