Information and terms

Our assortment
We continually improve our catalog and we reserve the right to change without notice.

When logged in you will see the prices that apply to you including any discounts. Do you buy large quantities you can discuss discounts and offer prices with our product specialists. Have you quoted price, it's tied to a specific quantity. If you go under that quantity standard will be used.

How much is in stock?
When logged in you can see the stock quantity in our main warehouse.our .

Do you need samples?
As a registered customer you can normally order free samples on most of our product. Though, on some costly products we can't give free samples.

Delivery and Packaging
1. If the order does not match the pack size, we charge a flat fee per shared (broken) packaging.
2. By default, we handle the delivery up to the address you entered. For larger orders, we may assist you with your carrier contact. For this we charge a fee equivalent to the additional work involved. Would you like us to help you do this, then write to this in order comments.
3. Would you like us to prioritize your delivery and search quicker shipments, we can arrange for example, express freight. For this we charge a certain fee. Just write this in the order comments or call us.
4. Do you need a special packaging and / or delivery routine, we can solve this but we charge a fee. Just write this in the order comments.

Normally, we receive payments by bank (IBAN SWIFT). We can also resolve payment via credit card. Would you like to pay by card please consult us when you receive the invoice.

Dimension drawings
The drawings are only for showing dimension arrows and do not show the products exact shape.

When logged in you can download CAD-files.

Product images show only one version in a product group. The appearance varies depending on size and color in one product. Does it make you unsure, we suggest that you start to take home a sample.

If something goes wrong...
Please contact us immediately so we can help each other to solve the problem. Contact information can be found under the tab Contact